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Graphic recording, facilitation and trainings

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Visual thinking

Graphic Recording & Facilitation is the use of imagery and visual tools to help develop shared understanding, think through complexity and communicate better. It is used  in various academic and professional environments - meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences - by all types of people.

And before you say "But... I can't draw," consider this: two out of three people are visual learners, and one fourth of our brain is devoted to processing visual information. 

Combining speech with images increases retention by 40%!


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All the information and all the drawings happen here and now, thus allowing people to see and reflect upon the drawings immediately.

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Simple, understandable symbols and clear logical connections help to understand even the most complex conversations quicker..

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Visual language is more universal than any verbal language. Thus the geographical and cultural distances between people shrink visibly.

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Playful metaphors and colours bring more joy to the room and invite people to come closer continuing any conversation they were having but now in a lighter atmosphere.

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You have heard it many times - visual elements help both to understand the topic better and to remember it easier. Just wanted to put an emphasis on it.
It helps!

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Visual elements also help when we want to get an emotional reaction. People react faster to images than words. They instantly like it or dislike it thus giving the instant feedback.

Let's get to know each other!


Aušrinė Balkaitytė

My name is Aušrinė and I am the creator and visual practitioner at I am the person in the room mapping out your conversations and presentations in the real time.

Coming to the visual practice field with the business
background, I help to transform your discussion into a tangible
drawing that frees your best mind to focus, make more
connections, generate new ideas and understand your work in
new ways.

I am also an active participant in global and European visual practitioners' networks.

What do we do with

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Graphic Recording

With the help of deep listening and drawing, we record messages, stories and ideas from your conference, training or other event in real time.

From the conversations happening around we make a map of images and words on large format paper, a kind of visual report of the event, in which people quickly find the thoughts expressed in words and continue to create new connections.


Gaphic Facilitation

Visual elements are used not only during big events with many speakers but also during strategical conversations, meetings, brainstorming or creative sessions.

It is an interactive process during which facilitators are both listening and asking questions, giving tasks and helping group move where it wants and can move in this moment of time. We help find agreements for the group and awaken the inner wish to act.



Trainings for those who in their work face a flipchart or whiteboard very often and wish to be better at expressing their ideas in a more visual and engaging way.

We strive to understand and master visual technique and to feel more freedom when facing empty sheet of paper and having a group behind you. Trainings for a team from the same company could be a nice way to create inner support and learning circle!

Let's connect!

+370 678 77655

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